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At Bloor Tire, you’ll get an array of tire and wheel services.  From installation to repair, we’ll do our best to make sure that you are satisfied with the service you receive at Bloor Tire. Here are the services that we offer:



Wheels lose balance over time, so wheel balancing service is necessary to restore proper balance. Tread wear causes the distribution of weight around the tire to change. This leads to an imbalance that causes the vehicle to shake or vibrate. During wheel balancing service, the technician will use a calibrated spin balancer, and usually will test both static (non-moving) and dynamic (moving) wheel balance. Improperly balanced wheels will be adjusted to the proper balance. Tire balancing is typically performed when tires are rotated on the vehicle, which is usually every 8-10,000 kilometers or 6 months



Tires should be rotated every 8,000-10,000 kilometres to achieve a uniform wear for all tires. It's important to rotate your tires according to the correct tire-rotation pattern. Doing so will prolong the life of your tires and reduce the risk of sudden tire failure.



Flat tires often come at the worst possible time, but a blowout doesn't need to ruin your day.  We will get you back on the road in no time.  Our manufacturer backed six steps professional repair technique utilizes a combo patch/plug system for extra protection.



Have you ever wanted to make your wheels sparkle when you go for a ride? Don't let dirty wheels ruin the look of your car. Take a quick pit stop and clean your tire rims and wheels at Bloor Tire.



If you want to have new tires installed in your car, come to us. Our tire technicians are willing to help you install your new car tires in no time. We use the right tools to make sure that the tires will keep its grip on the car to avoid detachment.

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